1st Istanbul design theory and combinatorics conference

In June 2008 there will be a design theory and combinatorics conference in Istanbul:

This is the second announcement for The 1st Istanbul Design Theory and Combinatorics Conference in honor of 70th birthday of Curt Lindner that will be held from 16th to 20th of June 2008 at Koç University, Turkey.

Please feel free to FORWARD THIS ANNOUNCEMENT to OTHER COLLEAGUES and STUDENTS that may be interested in attending to the conference.

The web page of the conference was updated recently. You can find more information about the registration, accommodation options and the cost of the conference.

We will be delighted to see all of you in Istanbul. Please fill in the pre-registration form in the webpage of the conference as soon as possible if you haven’t done so. There is no obligations attached to filling the Pre-Registration form. This information is very important for us to have an estimate on the number of participants.

For more information please refer to the conference webpage.

For all other questions please e-mail to: design@ku.edu.tr

Yours Sincerely


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