The stable release 2007.12.04 of the game theory package Gambit does not compile out of the box on Ubuntu 9.04. The problem is just a few missing #include lines, probably because the gcc header files have been updated since 2007.

Here is a patch: gambit-0.2007.12.04-ubuntu-9.04-patch. To use the patch do the following.

Unpack a fresh copy of Gambit:

tar zxf gambit-0.2007.12.04.tar.gz

Save the patch in the same directory; apply the patch:

cd gambit-0.2007.12.04
patch -p1 < ../gambit-0.2007.12.04-ubuntu-9.04-patch

Now configure and make as usual:

make install

Archived Comments

Date: 2009-09-15 16:44:23 UTC

Author: Ryan

Very helpful - thanks!