Midsummer weirdness

I’m sure that everyone has a Kafkaesque story from living in the Czech Republic. Here’s mine.

In 2008 I wanted to attend the Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop. The webpage said that it was invite-only. No problem. I emailed the organisers and had two people reply saying that I could come along. Great! The page also said “There will be NO conference fee.” Even better!

I turn up to register on the first day and I’m immediately asked for money. How strange. I ask one of the organisers why this is the case, given that the webpage said that there was no fee, and he said “I know the webpage says that but there is this fee.” I didn’t feel like paying for something that was meant to be free so I wrangled my way in to see the first talk. The opening speaker mentioned how great it was that this conference had no fees for the participants. I wasn’t impressed.

By the next day the webpage had changed so that it didn’t say anything about fees. Nice.

(Original pages are here and here.

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