Citrix ICA client on Ubuntu 9.04 howto

Notes on installing the Citrix ICA client on Ubuntu 9.04.

Download the 32bit deb file from here, in particular this file.

For some reason I ended up with a non .deb file:

$ mv unconfirmed citrix.deb

Install the deb:

$ sudo dpkg -i citrix.deb

Now install libXm and cheat with the version number:

$ sudo aptitude install libmotif3
$ sudo ln -s `ls /usr/lib/*|sort|tail -1` /usr/lib/

Now try the Citrix receiver. There should be no error message.


I had no luck with Chrome but Firefox happily launched the Citrix client when I logged into my Active Directory desktop at work.

Also note that the default key to step out of the Citrix desktop is Ctrl+F2 (then you can alt-tab elsewhere) whereas on a Windows client you use Shift+F2 to go out of fullscreen and then alt-tab somewhere.

Thanks to the Ubuntu community wiki for all the key details.