If you could put a video clip to the book Crabgrass frontier: the suburbanization of the United States, it would have to be Regurgitator’s Superstraight:


gimme love gimme good good times
here in suburbia the best you can buy
this is my home i keep my family inside
i’m late for work now honey i got to fly
he’s superstraight yeah he’s superstraight
i push my big sedan through the traffic jam
like salmon spawning to get into a can
i sing along to the pop radio
it’s propaganda but i know how it goes
you know i work all day and im out of my mind
i go man, im only human man i gotta unwind
i love my baby yeah shes number one
work girl means nothin i just bang her for fun
and when the weekend comes it’s time for my drugs
i suck em down count it two by one
help me remember to forget who i am
and when it’s over babe
that’s when it starts up again