Update Github fork


Repo on Github that I want to contribute to: https://github.com/whoever/whatever.git

My fork of that repo on github: git@github.com:myself/whatever.git

Over time the upstream repo is updated but my fork on github does not automatically get those updates. To push the latest changes from https://github.com/whoever/whatever.git to git@github.com:myself/whatever.git follows these steps.

Clone our repository:

git clone git@github.com:myself/whatever.git
cd whatever

Add the upstream repo as a remote, and call it upstream:

git remote add upstream https://github.com/whoever/whatever.git

Get all the branches of the upstream repo into remote-tracking branches. These branches will be named upstream/master, upstream/some-feature, etc.

git fetch upstream

Now replay all of the upstream’s commits from the master branch against ours:

git checkout master
git rebase upstream/master
git push

Credit: http://stackoverflow.com/a/7244456

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