Carlo Hamalainen

Home brew fridge thermostat


Update 2013-01-06: English instructions for the thermostat.

I picked up a cheap thermostat on eBay for controlling the temperature in my brewing fridge. The model number is BY-LOX 15A.

You can run the thermostat wire inside the door on the hinged side so there is no need to modify the fridge at all. I set the thermostat to 23C and the temperature sticker on the side of the tub stayed at about 24C throughout the brewing process. (By default it shows the current temp.)



The thermostat turns the fridge on when the temperature goes above the preset value. It doesn't get very cold at night in Brisbane so I haven't bothered with a dual control thermostat that can turn on a cooling and heating source.

Brewing at a constant 23-24C temperature has made a huge difference to the quality of my home brew.

I usually get my home brew gear from Annerley Home Brew, a fantastic store on the south side of Brisbane.