Carlo Hamalainen

Kogge's The Architecture of Symbolic Computers 1991


I recently discovered Kogge's book The Architecture of Symbolic Computers via two blog posts: Loper OS: The Book and fogus: Some Lisp books (and then some). The book seems to be out of print and second hand copies are quite expensive, so I decided to scan the table of contents and index so that people can get some idea of what the book contains before they drop ~$US90 on a copy: Kogge_The_Architecture_of_Sybolic_Computers_TOC_INDEX.pdf.

Part II (Function Based Computing) is the most interesting to me. Recently I have been experimenting with Swift for structuring large scale computations. Swift uses the idea of a "future", and this is covered in Chapter 9 (Demand Driven Evaluation), along with lazy evaluation, streams, and continuations.

edit 2012-09-14: I implemented an SECD interpreter in Python, using Chapter 7 of Kogge's book as a guide: